Disgusted cafe owners forced to remove outdoor seating as people use it as toilet

The owners of a small cafe have said they will have to remove their outdoor seating area after it was repeatedly used as a toilet in the middle of the night.

The owners of Bliss Tea Rooms took to social media posting an image of an unknown man squatting on their outside terrace in the night.

The small business owners have said they will now ask the local council to remove their much-loved seating area.

The owners of the tea rooms in Co Louth, Ireland, said they could not let customers use the seating area knowing what it’s being used for in the middle of the night. They also say it’s unfair for their staff to have to clean up “someone else’s excrement”.

Posting on Facebook, the owner said: “We’ve taken the decision as a business to ask the Louth County Council to remove the outdoor seating area from the front of our premises on Castle Street,” reported the Irish Mirror.

“We loved our seating area and enjoyed making it as beautiful as possible with fresh flowers and extra seating.

“As you can see from this photo, no person should be subjected to cleaning up someone else’s excrement nor can we allow our customers and their families to use this seating area knowing it’s been used as a public toilet.

“This is not the first time that we have seen something like this on our camera and we’ve witnessed other people doing drugs on the outdoor seating also.

“We have refrained from posting photos and videos up until now but this is just the final straw.”

Customers of the local cafe have been leaving messages of support for the owners and disgust for those responsible.

One person said: “Lovely people who run this local business. Disgusted to see that you were subjected to having to put up with this behaviour from the lowest of the low.”

Another wrote: “So sorry Martina, Mark and your fabulous staff. It is disgusting ye work so hard. Thank you for your lovely coffee God bless ye.”

A third added: “Thats just disgusting behaviour, you’d think after lockdown people would have a little bit more appreciation for all the extra wee steps local businesses do in order to try make their a continued success,they don’t have to do this for us and yet they do and this is how its treated. Some people out there have no respect or cop on.”